Community Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Services

At Community Animal Hospital, we offer the most comprehensive veterinary care for your pet.  Our commitment to excellence is seen in the lifelong services that we provide for your best friend. We are strong advocates of preventive healthcare on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that each of our patients lives a long, healthy, and happy life. We are proud to provide care to the pets of Grafton, Westborough, Shrewsbury, and surrounding communities.

Our categories of care include:

  • Healthcare
    • We understand that prevention is the most effective and affordable means of helping your pet live a long, healthy life. We recommend yearly visits that include:
      • Physical pet examinations
      • Dental pet examinations
      • Pet vaccinations
      • Diagnostic testing, as needed
  • Diagnostic Services
    • We provide diagnostics that are designed to identify internal concerns in our patients. This allows us to treat your pet quickly and effectively. Some of the diagnostic tools that we use include:
      • Digital radiology – a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional radiology
      • Digital dental radiology – enabling us to provide the most detailed dental diagnostics for your pet
      • Ultrasound and endoscopy – tools that allow us to diagnose and resolve internal health concerns
  • Surgical Services
    • We know that surgery is often a difficult choice, and that is why the team at Community Animal Hospital is determined to provide the best surgical care, from highly trained surgeons to the safest, most advanced anesthesia available.
  • Complete Dental Care
    • Did you know that an unhealthy mouth can lead to many serious physical health problems, including:
      • heart disease
      • kidney disease
      • diabetes
      • ...and more
    • As a part of our strong commitment to each of our patient’s complete health, we provide the most thorough dental care for pets to help offset the possibility of these conditions in the future.
  • Client Services
    • At Community Animal Hospital we provide End of Life care and euthanasia services, and we are always available to speak with you about these options. As a part of our dedication to compassionate care, we can also offer a referral to grief counseling services.